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Divorce & Separation

You are facing the end of your marriage and have many questions. Initially your divorce may appear to be amicable and simple, yet somehow it becomes complex and contentious. With the help of our divorce attorneys Chamber Dorheim​ ​or Erin O’Riley you can make complex decisions regarding your finances, support or custody issues.

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Child Custody

Child custody issues have a lasting impact on the entire family involved. Child custody determinations are inherently emotive and difficult for parents and their children. We advocate for our clients in these situations when they cannot easily speak for themselves. Our attorneys Chamber Dorheim​ ​or Erin O’Riley can help navigate this sensitive and impactful area.

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Mediation – Divorce

Mediation allows divorcing couples to work through disputes with a neutral third party and try settling them together instead of leaving them up to a judge. If your divorce seems amicable, or if complex/sensitive issues like child custody are involved, it might be worth trying mediation. Schedule a consultation with Lillian S. Watson, who is a trained Gresham divorce and mediation attorney.

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Wills, Trusts & Probate

Each of us needs to plan ahead to protect our loved ones after we die. By leaving a Will, you leave formal instructions that direct your family or friends on how you wish to divide your property.  Whether you need help with setting up your will, or help with executing it in Probate, our attorney Kathryn Bourn can provide you with the assistance you need.

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Bankruptcy Protection

Are creditors bothering you with their phone calls and letters? Your home, property, and income could be at risk. Just one incident or a financial mishap can leave you unable to pay your debts. Fortunately, you are not alone and there are legal options available. ​​Our attorney Kathryn Bourn works with both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy cases.

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We Are Passionate About Helping Our Clients

When the time comes to deal with family law issues, such as divorce, child custody,  personal bankruptcy, restraining orders, or probate and estate planning, you need lawyers who is compassionate about your situation but tough in seeking a favorable resolution. At Gresham Family & Bankruptcy Law, our four attorneys, Lillian Watson, Kathryn Bourn, Erin O’Riley, or Chamber Dorheim will always work for the best outcome on your case.

Lillian Suelzle Watson

Collaborative Family Law and Family Mediation

Owner/manager of Gresham Family & Bankruptcy Law. Lillian’s primary focus has always been to help people reach an amicable agreement involving complicated legal matters. She has practiced in various areas of law including traditional family law, estate planning, probate and consumer bankruptcy since 2001. The current focus of her practice is Collaborative Family Law and Family Mediation.

Kathryn Bourn

Bankruptcy, Estate Planning, Probate

Experienced litigator Kathryn Bourn joined Gresham Family & Bankruptcy Law in February 2016. She enjoys the opportunity to help people navigate challenging times in their lives. She routinely guides people through the process of wrapping up a loved one’s final affairs. She is committed to helping her clients craft clear, workable agreements and being a strong advocate in court if necessary.

Erin O'Riley

Family / Divorce / Legal Separation

Erin O’Riley had built substantial family law experience before graduating from law school. While attending Willamette University College of Law, she worked as a court-certified law clerk in the Child Advocacy Section at the Oregon DOJ, where she represented the state in foster-care proceedings. She appeared in various court proceedings in Marion, Polk, Benton, and Linn counties.

Chamber Dorheim

Divorce / Child Custody / Modifications

Chamber Dorheim believes that, after a relationship ends, people are still family — just in a different form. She approaches her cases in a way that tries to preserve that family connection. Chamber has practiced family law in Oregon for over 13 years. She enjoys the varied challenges of family law. One day she might be helping create a good parenting plan and the next — helping resolve financial issues.

What Our Clients Say

  • Kristin
    I would recommend Kathryn for divorce, child support and custody legal services to anyone needing them. Kathryn was a calm and rational focal point for me during a very turbulent time in my life. Her legal expertise, thoughtful nature and straight-forward approach saved me money, (and my sanity!) and allowed my child and I to move forward with our lives. Life isn't always perfect, but it was very reassuring knowing I had Kathryn in my corner to navigate me through the scary and sometimes emotionally difficult process of divorce and child custody.
  • Emilie
    Kathryn is very personable. I appreciate the care she took with my case. From both a professional and personal standpoint, I'd highly recommend her.
  • Toni
    Lillian was an angel in disguise, She helped my children and I when i felt like no one could help. I had a very messy and sad custody case and she was the rock we needed to get through it, very professional and also caring about the situation. She is amazing I would hire her again and when anyone asks what firm i went through I will always mention her. Thank you
  • anonymous
    I was served divorce papers after 10 years of separation. We both can not afford a lawyer and I was lost on what to expect on the court date. I retained Lillian on a hourly rate to help me prepare for my court date. She was very helpful on explaining what to expect and how I should represent myself. Thank you for your help
  • Christine
    I have known Lillian for many years now, and she handled a very complicated and miserable divorce for me 10 years ago. She has always been professional and listened to my concerns. She has an upbeat personality which is helpful when going through such a difficult situation. She is compassionate-something that I have not found in lawyers in the past! I have referred many friends to her over the years, and just consulted with her on another issue recently. As always, she was helpful and caring-just what one needs when looking for legal answers. I highly recommend her.
  • Steve
    If you need a practical and creative solution to a complicated legal problem (divorce) look no farther than Lillian Watson. She took the time to understand my situation (time and finances) and put together a solution that was effective and efficient avoiding expensive court proceedings while providing me with a favorable outcome. Legal brilliance, compassion and common sense are her trademarks. Gresham Family & Bankruptcy Law is a proven team of legal professionals worthy of one's consideration when in need of legal expertise. I recommend them without any reservation!
  • anonymous
    Going through a divorce after 20 years of marriage is the most difficult trial I have gone through in my life and Lillian has helped me to make logical and not emotional decisions. She has been my logical side and every time that I walk in her office she and her assistant greet me with a smile...I trust that she has given me the best legal advice and things could not have turned out better without her. Thank you Lillian
  • Rebecca
    The moment of walking into the office, I was greeted and treated kindly. It's not a stuffy office where you feel intimidated. The staff is very nice and helpful. Upon meeting Lillian, I was at ease. I walked in with the weight of the world on my shoulders, and after spending an hour discussing the case, I was at complete ease. She allowed me to not worry about the case and handled it with concern and professionalism. Most attorneys that I know, and have worked with, are after the dollar, but Lillian actually cared about my children, myself and the case. I respect and highly recommend Lillian. I wish I had started my case with her, however she finished it and I was happy with her performance
  • Justin
    Ms. Watson provided me with exceptional help during a very stressful time. I felt that she presented me with realistic expectations which allowed me to focus on what was most important to me during my lengthy, emotional, and sometimes complicated divorce/custody case. I intend to continue to use Ms. Watson for future matters, should they arise.

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