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At Gresham Family & Bankruptcy Law, we represent clients in bankruptcy, family law and estate matters. Our Gresham, Oregon-based firm has three attorneys: Lillian Suelzle Watson,  Nathan Begley, and Chamber Dorheim. All members of our firm use a supportive but strong approach and strive for client satisfaction in all cases.

Lillian Suelzle Watson

Collaborative Family Law and Family Mediation

Owner/manager of Gresham Family & Bankruptcy Law. Lillian’s primary focus has always been to help people reach an amicable agreement involving complicated legal matters. She has practiced in various areas of law including traditional family law, estate planning, probate and consumer bankruptcy since 2001. The current focus of her practice is Collaborative Family Law and Family Mediation.

Chamber Dorheim

Divorce / Child Custody / Modifications

Chamber Dorheim believes that, after a relationship ends, people are still family — just in a different form. She approaches her cases in a way that tries to preserve that family connection. Chamber has practiced family law in Oregon for over 13 years. She enjoys the varied challenges of family law. One day she might be helping create a good parenting plan and the next — helping resolve financial issues.

Nathan Begley

Family / Estate / Bankruptcy

Attorney Nathan Begley serves his clients with kindness and understanding, taking special care to be aware of the everyday unspoken struggles of financial hardship, parenting, and navigating a global pandemic. Nathan can personally relate to difficult family circumstances, and his earned empathy fuels his drive to employ a holistic, strategic approach to maximize benefits to his clients.

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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