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At Gresham Family & Bankruptcy Law, GF&B Law, we represent individuals, women filing or men filing for divorce, custody bankruptcy, estate planning or probate cases. To resolve these complex issues, we work in partnership with you our clients. Our personal mission is two-fold, to remain sensitive to your personal situations that require legal representation, and to pursue favorable resolutions through knowledgeable and effective representation of your rights.Our Gresham bankruptcy and family law attorneys focus the firm’s time and resources on guiding clients through three main areas of practice:

  • Family law: Family law covers a broad spectrum of legal issues including, divorcespousal supportchild support and child custody. Often the first steps in starting a family law matter is choosing the right method to resolve your legal issue. In addition to these areas of family law, we offer services such as modifications of existing judgments, domestic violence, both defending and challenging claims of violence, expungements of prior legal records, family mediation, collaborative family law, enforcement of existing judgments, name changes, minor guardianships and stepparent adoption. Contact our firm to learn more about various family law questions or the divorce process in Oregon.
  • Bankruptcy: including filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Additionally, we can provide valuable insight into the automatic stay, wage garnishments, what constitutes an unsecured debt and how to slow or stop a foreclosure through a bankruptcy filing.
  • Estate planning and probate: including preparing probate documents, small estate affidavits, drafting of wills and powers of attorney.

Contact us to arrange a consultation about your issue. Our lawyers and the entire legal team at Gresham Family & Bankruptcy Law are committed to the successful resolution of your case.

Although you may believe the legal problem you face can be handled without the assistance of an attorney, issues involved with family law, bankruptcy, estate planning and probate are often quite complex. We ensure our clients know their legal options and have a thorough understanding of everything involved with the legal process. If it is practical for you to represent yourself in your legal issue, we have an option where you can retain an attorney to coach you so you can resolve your concerns. We are empathetic and offer the kind of highly personalized client service and compassionate understanding that you will not find in a law firm downtown. Still, we are not afraid to be aggressive and fight for the rights of our clients in court if needed. We always work in the best interests of our clients and regard their issues as if they involved one of our own family members.

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If you have concerns regarding family law, bankruptcy or estate planning, we encourage you to contact Gresham Family & Bankruptcy Law. We can be reached at 503-492-4229 or by completing the online contact form on this website. We have standard hours, but our attorneys can also meet outside of our standard 9 to 5 office hours if needed based on the individual needs of our clients.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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