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Are creditors bothering you? Are you receiving phone calls from them? Your home, property, income and more could be at stake. These are tough economic times for just about everyone. One unexpected incident or personal calamity or even a financial mishap can lead to personal bankruptcy. Know that you are not alone and legal help is available.

There are different legal options to relieve personal debt. We represent clients for individual bankruptcy cases in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. To discuss your options and determine if your financial situation warrants bankruptcy protection, contact us. It is important to begin these cases in a timely manner before your finances and credit rating erode any further.

Chapter 7 Personal Debt Elimination

Our skill in working with Oregon law enables us to provide experienced representation for Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases. Although the criteria are more stringent for those who qualify, Chapter 7 offers the possibility to eliminate personal debt, including credit card bills and medical bills. Often, clients are able to retain much of their personal property, including their homes and cars.

Chapter 13

We also help clients navigate through the more involved and time-committing process of Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Individual debtors can use Chapter 13 to adjust their debts through regular income. Debt is discharged in a three- to five-year process that requires payments.

At our firm, we use a personal, attentive approach to represent clients and fight for their debtor’s rights. We are dedicated to providing clients the opportunity for a fresh start through the adjustment of debt that bankruptcy provides. Gresham Family & Bankruptcy Law attorneys have extensive experience working on a variety of bankruptcy cases.

Gresham/Troutdale Debt Relief Lawyers

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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