This option is when you each have your individual attorney, but you agree that (no matter how difficult) you will reach an agreement and settle without trial.  If you case is more complex, this is a good option as you each have an attorney at your side, but you have the benefit of being in control and settling the issues.  Because over 90% of all cases settle without a trial, you take this off the table and commit to settling without appearing before a judge.  Whether you and your spousal can agree on several items or not, you may each benefit from your own attorney involvement.  Your attorney has received special training to walk you through the process and usually have experience in the courtroom and many are also trained mediators.

Collaborative divorce similar to mediation in concept, however each of you has an attorney (confidential) to advise them of their rights and responsibilities.  The parties and the attorney develop a team approach to help you resolve issues such as custody, support, division of assets including retirements.  Again, you both make your own decisions and you are not Ordered to accept a certain outcome.  From the beginning, you both agree to you will share all information and that you will resolve the remaining issues through the use of your attorney without resorting to court.  This saves the family funds that would be spent on attorney fees and costs, but there is still attorney time involved.  You may involve other professionals (called coaches) to advise you regarding your finances, questions regarding support and your children and the division property as needed.   You may agree to use a mediator if there are final tough decisions.  If you cannot agree, you still have the right to resort to court, you would be required to hire a trial attorney to represent you in court.

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