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It would be unrealistic to assume that a divorce judgment will remain effective for years after the dissolution of a marriage. Fortunately, the court recognizes this and provides individuals the opportunity to change or modify the terms of the judgment. While your property rights are not modifiable, issues regarding child or spousal support or parenting time can be modified if needed. Contact a Gresham attorney who is skilled in handling modifications of support, child custody, parenting time and the enforcement of existing orders.

At Gresham Family & Bankruptcy Law, our lawyers have extensive experience guiding clients through the many challenging aspects of changing old terms in a divorce judgment that no longer works or is outdated as your children get older. If you are considering moving to a different city or state, it is important for you to consider the implications of such a decision. It is not uncommon that years after your divorce if you wish to move, change jobs or suffer a loss of income the terms of your divorce judgment will need to be updated. Even if both parents agree, it is necessary to have your agreement documented and filed with the court so it is enforceable. When these dramatic life events occur, it is wise to re-examine the divorce judgment to ensure that the previously agreed-upon terms are still appropriate.

Multnomah County Custody Modification Attorneys

Based on the needs of the parents or the best interests of the child, some modifications may proceed more smoothly than others. If you and your children’s other parent can come to an agreement of any changes, updated documents may be quite simple. However, if you cannot agree on changes, you need a skilled Oregon attorney on your side who can guide you through the process and ensure your needs and priorities are not overlooked. We have helped clients with a range of concerns, including those focusing on:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Modification of parenting time
  • Enforcement of existing terms

Do not hesitate to contact our firm as soon as you believed a modification may be necessary in the future. Some individuals make the mistake of getting a verbal agreement from the other party regarding a change, but nothing is formalized. These modifications — temporary or permanent — must be communicated through the court system in order for them to be enforced.

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